Group Members and Research Students


Postgraduate Students:

  • Kennedy Sigodo (PhD)

PhD Title: Social capital as a theory of change for promoting mental health of young people.

Supervisors: Professor Antony Morgan, Professor Jens Nygren & Dr Kerri McPherson


  • Victoria Troy (PhD)

PhD Title: The acceptability and feasibility of a parenting intervention for female offenders who have a history of substance misuse.

Supervisors: Dr Kerri McPherson, Professor Liz Gilchrist & Dr Carol Emslie


PhD Title: A modular, systemic, and multilevel creativity-based intervention to address resilience potential in preschool children.

Supervisors: Dr Kareena McAloney-Kocaman, Dr Julie Thomson & Dr Jane Guiller


  • Kirsty Wiseman (PhD)

PhD Title: The acceptability and feasibility of a hospital-based parenting intervention for parents of children with chronic health conditions (CHC)

Supervisors: Dr Kerri McPherson, Dr Joanna McParland & Dr Susan Kerr


PhD Title: The Support Needs of Non-Offending Parents

Supervisor: Dr Sharon Jackson and Dr Martrin Kettle 


  • Laura Cariola (DPsych Counselling)

Research Title: Understanding the role of Counselling Psychologists in the health and well-being of Adult Third Culture Kids (TCKs)

Supervisor: Dr Kareena McAloney-Kocaman


  • Cameron Cunningham (DPsych Counselling)

Research Title: Mental health treatment needs of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers in the UK

Supervisor: Dr Kareena McAloney-Kocaman


  • Claire Clifford (DPsych Counselling)

Research Title: The Lasting Impact of False Accusation of Historic Sexual Abuse

Supervisor: Dr Mairi Fleming


  • Aylish McFarlane (DPsych Counselling)

Research Title: Interpersonal impairment in women with ADHD

Supervisor: Dr Josie Williams 


  •  Corinne Tatem (DPsych Counselling)

Research Title: psychological health of women and girls,

Supervisor: Ms Tasim Martin-Berg  


  • Wongani Nyirenda (DPsych Counselling)

Research Title: Supporting ethnic minority families

Supervisor: Dr Kareena McAloney-Kocaman  


  •  Leda Samaras (DPsych Counselling)

Research Title: Evaluating the impact of company and category of play activities on child resilience 

Supervisor: Dr Sheila Morrison  


  • Fern Copland (DPsych Counselling)

Research Title: The impact of the perinatal period on paternal mental health

Supervisor: Professor Simon Hunter 


  • Matthew Siami (DPsych Counselling)

Research Title: Supporting fathers: Intervening to promote positive mental health in fathers

Supervisor: Professor Simon Hunter 


  • Robert Barret (DPsych Counselling)

Research Title: Supporting fathers: Intervening to promote positive mental health in fathers

Supervisor: Professor Simon Hunter 


  • Carol Dickie (DPsych Counselling)

Research Title: Emotional support and fertility treatment

Supervisor: Dr Barbara Duncan   


  •  Ilkim Murdoch (DPsych Counselling)

Research Title: Effectiveness of intervention programs on building resilience in adolescents with past trauma

Supervisor: Dr Jan Smith   


  •  Amy Doak (DPsych Health)

Research Title: The role of play in developing and promoting emotional resilience in children

Supervisor: Dr Jane Guiller  


  • Shannen McIlduff (MSc Forensic Psychology)

Research Title: Interpersonal consequences of residential care 

Supervisor: Dr Josie Williams


  • Candy Preater (MSc Forensic Psychology)

Research Title: Family connections in residential care

Supervisor: Dr Josie Williams