Child and Adolescent Health

The Child and Adolescent Health Research Group carries out applied research that contributes to the understanding of children and young people’s physical and psychological health and wellbeing. We align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals of ‘Good health and wellbeing’, ‘Reduced inequalities’ ‘Gender equality’, and ‘Quality education’. We are multi-disciplinary, with members drawn from a range of disciplines including psychology, nursing, education, social work, and public health. Our work involves close relationships with third-sector and NHS partners and ongoing projects include work on young people’s engagement with specialist mental health services, successful transition from Primary to Secondary schools, the effects of gender socialisation and gender norms on adolescent sexual and mental health and wellbeing, and the gamification of loneliness interventions.

Contact information:

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Dr Kareena McAloney-Kocaman, Tel:+44 (0) 141 331 8451 Email:

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Here, you can explore some of our current projects: