• AMBER trial (NIHR HTA) which investigates the effectiveness of abdominal massage for MS sufferers of neurogenic bowel dysfunction. CI Prof Doreen McClurg.
  • ELECTRIC trial (funded by NIHR) which evaluates a simple, non-invasive low cost option aimed at actively treating UI and reducing its impact on residents and care providers by comparing the effectiveness of transcutaneous posterior tibial nerve stimulation (TPTNS) with sham stimulation in 500 CH residents with UI.
  • OPAL trial (funded by NIHR HTA) which investigates the effectiveness of basic pelvic floor muscle exercises versus biofeedback-mediated intensive pelvic floor muscle training for female stress or mixed urinary incontinence. CI Prof Suzanne Hagen.
  • Seniors USP (funded by MRC; £812,178; May 14- Oct-17): Understanding Sedentary Patterns (MRC) which seeks to understand the determinants and predictors of sedentary behaviour in older people in order to inform future interventions. CI Prof Dawn Skelton
  • Reasonable adjustments (Baily Thomas Charitable Trust) to provide equitable assessment, screening and treatment of osteoporosis for people with learning disabilities: A feasibility study .  CI Dr Janet Finlayson
  • PREPAID feasibility trial (funded by CSO; £244,085) which aims to determine the feasibility of electrical stimulation used in a patient centred education programme to improve walking distances in patients with intermittent claudication. CI Dr Chris Seenan.

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