Application to HLS Committees

To apply for ethical approval you will need to complete the appropriate forms (for example, EC1 form, protocol), which are available from the Ethical application forms and useful links section. Guidance and exemplar versions of each form are available to help you complete the documentation. Please make sure the application is completed to a high standard and all the necessary documents have been submitted. Poor quality or incomplete submissions will be returned and could delay the review process.

Completed applicants should be reviewed/signed by the chief investigator before submission. The application should be submitted from a GCU email account to the appropriate ethics committee:

Life sciences

Nursing and community health

Psychology, social work, and allied health sciences

You will receive an automatic receipt when the application has been received by the committee. The application will then be logged and reviewed by the committee. A decision on the application will normally be sent to the applicant within four weeks of submission. Applicants may be asked to make changes to the application and/or to provide further information. If revisions are required, the applicant will be given a list of points to cover and an indication of what is expected in the resubmissions. Make sure resubmissions include all materials and not just the materials you have changed. Indicate on the email that this is a resubmission (version 2) and mark any changes in RED. If you have revised documents, then these should be given appropriate version numbers (e.g. version 2).

The application may need to be reviewed again by the committee when the requested changes have been made and/or further information provided. Once the committee is satisfied with the application and proposed study, the applicant will be notified that ethical approval has been granted. The notification of ethical approval by the committee will be sent to the applicant using email.   

Possible outcomes from your application

Ethical approval is granted.

You may begin the study.

Ethical approval is granted subject to conditions.

For example, you may be asked to provide evidence of R&D approval. Once you have done this and informed the committee, ethical approval will be granted.

More information is required before ethical approval is granted.

You may be asked to provide further details about your methodology such as recruitment or experimental materials for the ethics committee to review.

The proposal has been passed to the University Ethics Sub -Committee.

In cases where a major invasive procedure is proposed, the decision must be made at a University level.

Ethical approval has not been granted.

You will be given an explanation as to why approval has not been given.