What our students say

Benedictine Khor Yen, age 21, 3rd year student

I had come from Singapore, a vibrant cosmopolitan country almost 7000 miles away from Glasgow, to pursue my aspirations in Podiatry. GCU stood out for the provision of weekly clinical placements that take place in conjunction with lectures, throughout all four years of the degree. Having this as an integral part of the course appealed to me, as it gives us insight into the requirements of the profession, scope to consolidate our clinical skills and brings to life the theoretical knowledge that are taught in lectures.

As the slogan goes, People Make Glasgow, and this is very well-embodied by the members of staff who go the extra mile in their duties. In GCU, opportunities abound to further your personal development. I am involved in the Student Leaders Programme and work as a Student Mentor, providing support to students on campus and beyond in the community. I was the vice-president for the Christian Union in 2014 and am a member of GCU Mountaineering Club.

Since coming to Scotland, I have been captivated by the rugged yet absolutely incredible beauty of the Scottish landscapes and can’t wait to embark on my next adventure. I have met some of the most amazing folk here in Glasgow, and I am thankful to be a part of this remarkable city.

Caroline, age 44, 1st year student

After 16 years at home looking after 4 children, I decided to apply for Podiatry. So far, I've loved the course. My original degree is in Nursing but I'm a very different student this time- it's a case of power studying very early in the morning to be able to fit it in to family life. It has taken a while to adjust to taking in so much information and retaining it but there's a lot of help available with study techniques and staff are very approachable and seem to realise that people are juggling lives as well as studying. I was really pleased to find that the other students on the course where from varied backgrounds and making friends has been easy. It's a great size of class - everyone knows each other and the staff get to know you quickly. It has definitely been harder and more time consuming than I expected but I haven't regretted my decision to enrol for a second.

Elizabeth, age 20, 1st year student

When I left school I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do with my life. I applied to college and studied fashion. Now I have an HNC, an HND and about a dozen sketchbooks jammed in a cupboard. It took me about 2 years to realise I really wasn’t the right type of person to study fashion and I’d rather study a health based course. Podiatry at GCU is much more than an academic course. You get experience working in a clinical setting and working on one another right from the start. Learning is not just sitting in a class memorising facts, you use models and equipment, like ultrasound, to make it more interesting. I would be lying if I told you it’s an easy course, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible either, I wouldn’t say I was the smartest student, I struggle to understand things, but the staff and lecturers are so easy to approach and ask questions. I have also been able to keep a part time job whilst I’ve been studying. It is difficult to balance work and uni but as long as I am doing well in the course I intend to keep working. The lecturers understand that you have a life and as long as you are not forgetting about uni, they will try support you as best as they can. I have enjoyed first year so far and I hope the remainder of the course will be the same.

Emma, age 21, 4th year student

I came to the GCU podiatry course straight from school and currently live away from home although I am from Glasgow. I had offers from other institutions for physiotherapy as well as podiatry and had attended other course open days, but following meeting the teaching staff and students at GCU I knew this was the course for me. Not only is GCU ranked best in the UK for podiatry but the students and lecturers were so friendly, approachable unlike anything I had come across at other institutions.

Since joining the course I have had to balance the course with many extracurricular activities. From 1st year I have been a member of the hockey team and now am a highly active member of the committee, I have been vice-captain, and this year I became the captain. I have also represented the university as part of the Scottish Universities Hockey Team. Aside from hockey, I also go away with the university on the annual ski trip (usually France) which is a great way to get on the slopes and meet a bunch of new people. I would highly recommend joining a team or society as it is like being part of a family and you can meet some amazing people with similar interests. The Student Leaders programme is a leadership and employability award that provides you with skills and knowledge that will help you once graduated and can set you aside from others in the job market. There is also a free ball at the end of the year once you complete the programme!

GCU is a small university and I have found the more you get involved the more you get out of it! Whether it is a lecturer, classmate, teammate or just someone you keep bumping into on a night out, there are always people jumping to help and support you no matter what it is. If a lively and friendly university course sound up your street then look no further. The course is second to none and being part of the GCU family is like nothing you will experience anywhere else.

Hilary, age 21, 4th year student

I was attracted to GCU for a number of reasons: the city centre location was about as different to my small home town as I could get; and the podiatry course had excellent ratings. As a school leaver keen to experience all that university life could offer me, and I can honestly say I have never looked back.

Academically, GCU has been fantastic; with the wide range of placements giving practical experience in numerous aspects of podiatric practice. The open door policy operated by the lecturers is very welcoming and adds to what is a very friendly atmosphere. The Student Association and sports clubs were a big attraction for me and they certainly did not disappoint. I have participated in all manner of activities; including weekly indoor climbing trips, ski trips to the Alps, and a (heavily subsidised) winter mountaineering course in the Cairngorms. I went from being a member of the horse riding club to being president and was also subsequently elected onto the Sports Council. Through the student leader programme I have participated in workshops covering everything from leadership skills to CV writing.

This summer I will (hopefully!) be graduating from GCU. It is thanks to the incredible opportunities I have had that I feel I will be leaving not only with the academic qualification and knowledge to work as a podiatrist but also with the wider skills and confidence to embark on the next chapter of my life.

Jennifer, age 28, 3rd year student

After leaving high school 10 years ago I gained a qualification in Advertising & PR, following 5 years of full-time employment I realised the marketing industry wasn’t for me. After some research Podiatry at GCU ticked all my boxes; working with the public, providing a worthwhile and rewarding service, being able to work independently, or for an organisation.

To meet the entry requirements I completing 2 biology based modules at Cardonald College I joined the Podiatry programme in Sept 2012. Since then time has just flown by. I have recently returned from a 6 month study exchange in La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia. It was a truly unforgettable experience which I would recommend to anyone and the benefits from which I will always value.

With a year and a half left of my course to complete, I am looking forward to graduating and to begin my career as a Podiatrist. The doors GCU has opened and the support and experience imparted from all the teaching staff has honestly been invaluable and would recommend this course to anybody who is considering a career in Podiatry.

Michael, Podiatry graduate and Student President of the GCU Student’s Association

I came to GCU following 10 years away from education having left school midway through my A-levels. I worked in outdoor retail, and working closely with footwear and ski boots I found the underlying anatomy fascinating and following an entry course with the Open University I applied for GCU.

I loved my time at GCU, so much I stayed, the course was challenging but helped me develop both clinically and academically. I have always been hesitant in writing, in part due to Dyslexia, but also due time away from studying. I have found the support from the university and the lecturers invaluable in helping developing a clear academic writing style. The passion from staff at both the university and clinical facilities has helped me develop my interests and encouraged me to seek experience from around the country and abroad.

Outside of the academic side of my time at GCU, my work with both the Students’ Association and professional bodies have helped me develop a huge range of additional skills. As a result of these I was able to help secure funding for trips abroad, help lead reform of the student wing of the College of Podiatry and ultimately successfully run for the roles of Student President and Council Member for the Professional Body.

I’m really proud to be an alumni of GCU not just because I feel I’ve had a first class education but because it gave me the skills and confidence to be able to advocate for a profession I love.

Neil, age 18, 1st year student

I joined the GCU Podiatry programme straight from school. I came to Podiatry having always been interested in medicine and the amazing wonders of the human body. I was attracted to GCU as there are only two universities in Scotland that offer podiatry and GCU is currently ranked the best in the UK and its lecturers are renowned worldwide for their excellent work. They are all very approachable and dedicated to their work and their students. The university is also situated in the heart of Glasgow so that too is very handy.

The programme to date has been very interesting, I have especially enjoyed learning anatomy and the clinical practice aspect of the course. It was very easy to settle into GCU as everyone is very approachable and you get used to finding your way about very quickly. As well as work there are many clubs and societies you can join including the Podiatry Society, the on-campus Gym and the Universities of Glasgow and Strathclyde Air Squadron (RAFVR) where you learn to fly from RAF pilots! This is to name just a few.

For some it will be very difficult to decide which course to do, however if you decide Podiatry is for you, I am sure you won't be disappointed and you will enjoy it as much as I have!

Roz, age 49, 1st year student

I worked for many years as a complimentary therapist I felt that learning to become a podiatrist would be a natural progression in my career path. I undertook an Access Course at Glasgow Kelvin College to gain the entry qualifications required. This was a fantastic stepping stone into life at university.

I commute from Burntisland to GCU and while I could have chosen a university closer to my home felt that what GCU had to offer in respect of location, facilities and opportunities more than made up for the extra travel. I get a real buzz stepping off the train in the city centre to come to uni. It’s a fabulous location.

I am a part of a fantastic department here at GCU. Not only do we have access to state of the art facilities but we also have friendly, approachable lecturers and staff who are all extremely supportive. Every day seems to open up a different direction that a career in podiatry can take and this course allows us to experience the many aspects of it. Age has not been a barrier to any of the opportunities available within GCU and consider myself to be very fortunate to be part of it.

Shelley, age 27, 2nd year student

Growing up I was always very sporty but liked the idea of helping others, which lead me into studying Sports Therapy. It was during this time that I developed a love for anatomy, primarily the lower limb. I found myself drawn towards injuries of the lower limb, how to manage those and how the foot and ankle along with the lower body function during gait. This led me to applying to Podiatry at GCU. GCU appealed to me due to the opportunities made available such as the Australian exchange programme and the idea of working with patients from year 1 was very appealing.

At the age of 25 I felt I was too old to go back into studying but have now found it’s the best decision I have ever made. Although juggling part time work and a full time course can be challenging the lecturers and resources available at GCU help make this challenge easier.

Along with one of my peers I am class rep for 2nd year, which is a great opportunity to engage with lecturers and students from other years not only in Podiatry but also from other courses. At the end of this year we are given the flexibility to find our own placement which is a great opportunity to have, as you can focus in on an area of interest as there are a vast array of avenues to pursue within Podiatry such as Rheumatology, Diabetes, Biomechanics and Surgery to name a few. Although the last 2 years have passed quickly I am looking forward to seeing what the next 2 years bring.