Return to Practice

There is an increasing demand for nurses in the UK and Glasgow Caledonian University’s Return to Practice course has been developed to allow you to refresh your skills and return to nursing.

If you are one of the hundreds of nurses who previously left the sector, this is your opportunity to find the confidence and make the connections to get back to the career you loved. Choose to return to nursing practice with Glasgow Caledonian University and benefit from our unique experience:

  • all fields of practice including adult, child, mental health, learning disability and health visiting
  • a practice learning experience (placement) in NHS boards across Scotland
  • opportunities to undertake a placement local to you
  • ideal location as only provider in Glasgow
  • government funding availability
  • an opportunity for you to bring your wealth of experience back into the profession

The aim of this programme is to comprehensively prepare you for re-registration with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC). It gives you the opportunity to return to the register and gain more practical experience through placement opportunities with any health board across Scotland. The module aims to update your knowledge and the skills required of a registered nurse working in nursing practice.

The University’s learning environment provides a blend of online and face-to-face teaching and a state-of-the-art inter-professional simulation suite. These will not only build your confidence; they will also enhance your previous nursing skills.

Apply and start in January

Application is straight forward and you can complete online today. Please note, due to high demand, all applications are to be received by 31 October.

Apply today

I graduated in 2007 and took a gap year. It turned out to be a very long gap year but I was always pining for nursing. I’ve come back and I am a lot more mature, with some life experience, having seen some incredible things, and I wanted to bring that back to the NHS.

Pete, BSc Nursing graduate
Entry requirements

An application needs to be completed and include a copy of your Statement of Entry, confirming your entry on the NMC register to reassure that you have a lapse of registration. Any NMC conditions from the regulator’s perspective, if relevant, should be included within your application and would not necessarily prevent you from undertaking the course. You can gain a copy of their Statement of Entry by registering with the NMC online.

Fees and funding

The course fee is £1500 (subject to change) for Home/UK Candidates.  We are expecting that the course will continue to attract funding from Scottish Government.

Further information on the funding can be found at NHS Education for Scotland

What you will study

The length and nature of the practice learning within the Return to Practice programme will be determined by the education provider and yourself; taking into account:

  • registration history
  • previous levels of knowledge and experience,
  • any relevant experience undertaken whilst out of professional practice (to be discussed during interview.)

Candidates with a lapse of registration up to 12 years

Normally the requirement is to undertake 300 practice hours over an 8 week period. The expectation is to complete a 37.5 hour week which may include 12 hour shifts and night duty, a minimum of 2 night shifts, up to a maximum of 4 night shifts within the 8 week period.

Candidates with a lapse of registration over 12 years

Normally the requirement is to undertake 450 practice hours over a 12 week period. The expectation is to complete a 37.5 hour week which may include 12 hour shifts and night duty, a minimum of 4 night shifts, up to a maximum of 4 night shifts within the 12 week period.

Study days

In addition to practice learning experience (300 or 450 hours, determined by registration history) you will be required to attend a total of eight study days.

These study days, based on a 7.5 hour day, will be delivered during:

  • week 1 of the module, 4 days, totalling 30 hours
  • week 4 of the module, 2 days, totalling 15 hours
  • week 8 of the module, 1 day, totalling 7.5 hours 
  • week 12, 1 day, totalling 7.5 hours

The four generic study days during week 1, will include academic study skills, e-learning, and the role of the Learning development Centre and the academic advisor.  There will be a review of Health and Social Care policy, Basic Life Support, Infection control policies, team working and preparation for practice learning.

Other study days will be field specific and will focus on contemporary issues in relation to the field of Nursing and Health Visiting where appropriate.

Trimester A modules (September 2019)

  • Adult
  • Adult/Health Visiting

Trimester B module (January 2020)

  • Adult
  • Child
  • Learning Disability
  • Mental Health
  • Adult/Health Visiting
How you will be assessed

You will be required to complete a 750-word formative assessment plus:

  • 3000-word summative essay
  • ongoing Achievement Record (OAR) with a pass grade