What type of ethical approval do I need?

Undergraduate and postgraduate students should discuss the ethical issues of the research with their supervisors prior to completion of EC1. 

To check if a project would be classed as research please use the Health Research Authority tool.

Consider whether you need NHS or other external approvals for projects being undertaken in other countries. Certain countries may require  UK ethics approval, regardless of whether or not there is a UK component, if their regulatory environment is, for example, not well-developed. In such cases ethical approval from one of the School committeesis required. If you need any further advice, contact one of the committee chairs or their deputies (http://www.gcu.ac.uk/hls/ethics/universitynhsandrdcontacts/) or the School Research Officer.



Any research involving NHS patients, employees, data and systems will require completion of an IRAS form and NHS REC ethical approval including booking the application in for review. You will still need to submit an application for R&D approval after this. This may take a considerable amount of time (up to 60 days before an initial REC decision is made), so please discuss the timings of this with your supervisor.
Download the IRAS User Manual. For further advice for completing IRAS forms, please go to the IRAS guidance section.
If your study is using NHS employees or data from NHS sources, although you may not need NHS ethics approval, you may still need R&D and/or Caldicott approval. Contact one of the departmental chairs of the ethics committee for some further advice or School Research Manager.