Submitting your application

When you finish your application, you need to decide where to apply and book a slot at the next meeting of an appropriate REC. Consider whether to book the next available slot through the Central Allocation Centre (0845 270 4400, weekdays, from 9.30am to 4pm ) or whether to book directly with a local REC. For local REC bookings please contact the committee to get meeting dates, paperwork will be due in before the meeting date and consider that slots will fill quickly. 

Once you have booked an agenda slot with the CAS or a local REC, you will be sent confirmation of your booking by email, together with your REC reference number and the closing date for your application. Make sure you add the REC reference number to your online application form at this point; it should be inserted in the header section of Page 1 (along with the name of the NHS REC and the submission date).

You then need to 'lock' your form and save it as a pdf by using the Print button on the system. Once a form has been 'locked', it cannot be amended. If you 'lock' your form in error at this stage, you can always create a duplicate of the form. This can then be edited and locked when complete.

For bookings through the CAS, you will need to submit Parts A and B of your application electronically to the REC that you have been allocated within 4 working days of your booking. For local applications, you may be required to submit within four working days of your booking or at another specified time before the meeting.