The Committee must notify you of their decision within 60 days of receiving your valid application. If you find this is not happening, you are fully within your rights to make a complaint. 

The REC can reach one of four decisions about your application:

  • Final decision - which could be favourable or unfavourable
  • Provisional decision - with a request for further written information
  • No opinion - as a referee needs to be consulted

You should receive notification of the decision within 10 working days of the review meeting. In the case of studies requiring SSI, the main REC will also confirm the decision made about each site as part of this. The REC may make a provisional decision about your research and ask for further information about specific aspects of the project. Such a request can only be made once and the 60 day clock stops whilst the REC awaits your response. If your response is not deemed satisfactory, the committee may ask you to respond again to the same questions (no new issues can be raised) or reject your application. The clock only starts again when a complete response is received. A final decision should then be issued.