Application to HLS Committees

To apply for approval from the School of Health and Life Sciences, complete the appropriate form available from the Ethical application forms and useful links section as per flow chart instructions and complete and discuss with your supervisor. After the ethics committee has considered your application, you and your supervisor will receive an email notifying you of the outcome. 

All applicants should submit their ethics applications by e-mail to the HLS ethics mailbox for the attention of one of  the appropriate committee Chairs ( - Dr Ben Parkinson, Nursing and Community and Health , Dr Phil Dalgarno,  Psychology, Social Work and Allied Health Sciences, Dr Les Wood, Life Sciences, or Alexis Henderson (Research Administrator). You will receive an automatic receipt from delivery to the mailbox acknowledging your application. Applications are usually logged and reviewed by one or two reviewers allocated by the relevant Chair  with feedback normally sent to the applicants within four weeks of application. Applicants may be asked at this stage to make changes or to provide further information, this will be re-reviewed by the committee and approval should then be granted. When approval has been granted, a formal email will be sent to the student/supervisor or research team

If a revision or amendment is required, the applicant and supervisor (if applicable) will be given a list of points to cover, and an indication of what is required in the resubmission. When you make this revision, please resubmit all materials in your revision (not just the materials you have actually changed). Indicate on the application form that this is a revision (version 2). If you have been asked to revise information or consent forms, write ‘version 2’ on the forms. If possible, Chair’s Action will be taken on your revision, and you may therefore receive a quick response. However, sometimes it will be necessary for other committee members to look at the resubmitted material before a final decision is reached.

Possible outcomes from your application

Ethical approval is granted.

You may begin the study.

Ethical approval is granted subject to conditions.

For example, you may be asked to provide evidence of R&D approval. Once you have done this and informed the committee, ethical approval will be granted.

More information is required before ethical approval is granted.

You may be asked to provide further details about your methodology such as recruitment or experimental materials for the ethics committee to review.

The proposal has been passed to the University Ethics Sub -Committee.

In cases where a major invasive procedure is proposed, the decision must be made at a University level.

Ethical approval has not been granted.

You will be given an explanation as to why approval has not been given.