Ethical Approval

All students/staff who intend to undertake a project which involves work with human participants must apply for ethical approval from one of the School of Health and Life Sciences ethics committees or have obtained approval from an external committee.

This includes projects which:

  • Collect data or samples from people (for example, interviews, focus groups, questionnaires, experimental data, blood/saliva samples)
  • Involve experiments which use human subjects
  • Make use of secondary data sources (for example, records, narratives or blogs)
  • Conduct experiments with animals

Approval must be granted before you start your study, so please allow sufficient time for the application to be processed. Please do not assume that approval will be granted; in some cases the committee will spot potential problems which you did not foresee. Considering the ethical implications of a research project and successfully gaining permission from stakeholders is an important part of any research proposal.