Ethical Approval

The School of Health and Life Sciences prides itself on the quality of its research and researchers. In order to maintain the Schools’ reputation as a centre of research excellence all staff and students who intend to undertake research involving human participants must follow the correct research ethics and governance procedures.


The includes projects which:

  • Collect data or samples from people (for example interviews, focus groups, questionnaires, experimental data, blood and saliva sample)
  • Involve experiments which use human subjects
  • Make use of secondary data sources (for example, records, narratives, blogs)
  • Conduct experiments with animals

All staff and students who intend to undertake a research project involving work with human participants must apply for ethical approval from one of the School of Health and Life Sciences ethics committees and/or an external committee, eg NHS before the start of the research. 


It is a mandatory requirement of the School that any member of staff or postgraduate student attend IRAS training and have up-to-date Good Clinical Practice training prior to commencing their research. The School provides training in these areas. 

Contact School Research Manager for further details or