Introducing Additive Manufacturing Technology

Advances in the Prescription and Design of Custom Functional Foot Orthoses

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme at GCU

Every day we see new and increasingly sophisticated uses for additive manufacturing (also described as 3D printing) - technology that is set to revolutionise manufacturing. The custom foot orthotic sector is embracing these advances and this one-day course aims to bring podiatrists in clinical practice up to date with current advances in knowledge. Are you looking for step change advances in orthotic solutions for your patients?

This one-day course will explore the following themes:

  • Add or subtract? What’s new and different about 3D printing?

The fundamental principles of 3D printing will be introduced and explained. The major technologies will be explored and comparisons made to traditional manufacturing. A live link to Peacocks Medical Group will demonstrate the 3D production of custom orthoses.

  • What’s the process from patient to custom orthotic product?

The process from patient assessment, design and orthotic prescription will be explored.

  • Freeform design and 3D printing: the perfect marriage for orthotic innovation

The way in which freeform design combined with 3D printing can radically influence custom foot orthotic design will be explored and demonstrated.

  • Functional optimisation: a new paradigm in dynamic prescribing

This laboratory workshop will demonstrate advanced orthotic design and optimisation using a “dynamic prescribing paradigm” based on 3D gait analysis.

  • How will 3D printing change your practice today?

The course will also explore how 3D printing can be implemented in clinical practice. New products and services will be described and demonstrated, and costs and business models considered.

The course team

The course will be led by Professor Jim Woodburn from Glasgow Caledonian University and Dr Jari Pallari, Research and Development Manager for Peacocks Medical Group in Newcastle, UK. Jim and Jari, and their respective teams, have collaborated extensively over the last five years on the development of 3D printing techniques to manufacture custom foot orthoses. Jim Woodburn has used his skills and expertise in foot and ankle biomechanics to employ 3D gait analysis techniques to help inform new orthotic designs which match new capabilities with 3D printing. He has also tested how effective 3D printed orthotics are against treatment targets such as joint motion and moment control and plantar pressure redistribution, combining this with qualitative techniques to capture the patient experience. Jari Pallari has led the development of the first commercially-ready additive manufacturing facility for custom-made orthoses in the UK. His company is now leading the way forward with the next generation of functional foot orthoses designed and produced using the latest additive manufacturing technology.

Course Dates

  • 18 January 2014
  • 26 April 2014
  • 1 November 2014

Places available

The course is strictly limited to 30 places to enable close interaction with new technologies and orthotic products.

Course Fee

This one-day course is priced at £230. 

For detailed information about the course, download the Advances in the Prescription and Design of Custom Functional Foot Orthoses flyer.


Programme Leader: Professor Jim Woodburn,
Course Administrator: Lesley Napier,