Biomedical Science

Department of Life Sciences

Biomedical Science provides the scientific foundation for the clinical diagnosis of disease and is vital to the operation of the NHS and other health-related industries. A Biomedical Scientist carries out tests on specimens sent by GPs and other healthcare professionals, the results of which facilitate the correct diagnosis and treatment of disease.

Areas of Excellence

- Only HCPC-approved  Biomedical Science programme in Glasgow

- Only IBMS accredited integrated BMS Masters programme in Scotland

Cross discipline: 

Diabetes - Diabetes Research Group, Institute of Applied Health Research


  • Skills in a broad range of state-of-the-art cell and molecular biology techniques, including culturing primary and established cells, analysis and manipulation of nucleic acids, proteins and lipids
  • Lipid metabolism, Cardiovascular disease and Diabetes
  • Cell communication
  • Cancer


  • Viral pathogens and xenotransplantation
  • Healthcare-related infections
  • Bacterial classification and identification
  • Virulence determinants and antibiotic therapy of staphylococcal infections
  • Hepatitis E virus and chronic liver disease

Courses to Consider

BSc (Hons) Biomedical Science/BSc (Hons) Applied Biomedical Science

MSc Biomedical Science

Academic Staff

  • Dr Linda P Walsh
  • Dr Linda Jones
  • Deborah O’Donnell


BSc (Hons) Biomedical Science – accredited by IBMS

BSc (Hons) Applied Biomedical Science – accredited by IBMS and approved by HPC – has placement by selection

MSc Biomedical Science – accredited by IBMS, career progression award

Industry Links





  • If selected, students on the Applied Biomedical Science programme can benefit from a work-based placement, which takes place in Scottish hospitals.

Globally Networked

Exchange Programme with Hong Kong Polytechnic University