Podiatry Practice Academic Careers

Clinical academic careers are integral to the discipline of Podiatry, which is practice based. At GCU all members of the academic team maintain an active clinical role which facilitates the integration of clinical practice, education and research. A number of the staff team are active researchers in their area of clinical expertise and remaining clinically active ensures the generation of clinically relevant research questions. 

Research undertaken by the Podiatry clinical academic staff is aligned to the Institute for Applied Health Research and a number of the Podiatry staff are active members of the following Institute Research Groups:

We work closely with full time clinical colleagues and collaborate on clinically meaningful research projects in Podiatry and Physiotherapy. 

Podiatry Clinical Academic Staff

  • Professor Stuart Baird
  • Mandy Abbott
  • Dr Ruth Barn
  • Jackie Locke
  • Christine Skinner
  • Wendy Smith
  • Dr Debbie Turner
  • Peter Madigan