Practice Academic Careers

Our policy of supporting Practice/Clinical Academic Careers across all disciplines is fundamental to the School of Health and Life Sciences. These are embedded in our mission towards the Common Weal and underpin our commitment to ensuring that practice, both clinical and academic, drives our learning and our research.

Our ongoing aim is to establish our School as a nationally and internationally recognised centre of excellence, with Clinical Academic Research Careers and Practice Education Academic Careers forming a key element in this vision.

The School’s clinical academic practitioners successfully integrate clinical knowledge, skills, research and education in their specialist area to benefit patients/clients and learners, and to enhance service delivery.

Through our Clinical Academic Research Careers and Practice Education Academic Careers, the School of Health and Life Sciences engages in real world research and education to answer genuine dilemmas in practice and questions raised by those at the forefront of service and care delivery. Practice drives our learning and research, and our research provides evidence which is implemented into practice to benefit patients/clients, communities, health and social care services.

Supporting practice academic careers

The Clinical Academic Research and Practice Education Academic practitioners represent all the disciplines in the School of Health and Life Sciences, and are members of established research groups in the Institute for Applied Health Research, with its associated infrastructure and research impacts. They fulfil key roles in generating important research questions from practice and in working to ensure the new evidence shapes and influences service delivery as well as health and social care policy. The School has practice/clinical academic research practitioners and practice education academic practitioners in the areas of: