High Fidelity Manikins

  • Laerdal SimMan 3G
  • Laerdal SimMan Essential
  • Laredal SimBaby

Bespoke scenarios for the high fidelity manikins can be written in house.

Other Manikins

  • Laerdal ALS Manikin
  • Laerdal Mega Code Kelly
  • Laerdal Convalescent Kelly
  • Laerdal Mega Code Kid
  • Laerdal Nursing Kid
  • Adam, Rouilly Nursing Kid
  • Adam, Rouilly Nursing Baby
  • Resus Anne
  • Trauma FX SimBody (silicon cadaver)
  • Laerdal qCPR Resus manikins

Recording Equipment

  • SMOTSTM camera system including 23 ceiling mounted cameras and 5 mobile units

Home Environment Equipment

Adaptable home environment with movable partition walls, bathroom fittings and fully equipped with assistive technology, including:

  • Flood detectors
  • CO detectors
  • Movement sensors
  • Door entry/exit alarms
  • Chair sensors
  • Bed sensors
  • Personal alarms

For more information on any aspect of the Simulation Centre equipment email hlstechsupport@gcu.ac.uk.