Our Facilities

The School of Health and Life Sciences offers students and businesses access to state-of-the-art learning and research facilities across all our departments. We have a range of unique facilities and expertise for experimental work, testing, analysis and professional training.

Vision Centre

The Vision Centre trains Optometrists, Dispensing Opticians and Orthoptists – the only institution in the UK to do so. GCU has the facilities for specialised testing that is otherwise available only in hospitals. During teaching semesters patients are examined by students under the direct supervision of experienced and qualified clinical staff. In addition, the Clinical Optometrist provides a full range of eye examination services throughout the year.

Caledonian Clinic

Caledonian Clinic offers a range of specialist health care services to assess and manage injuries, long-term health conditions or to enhance and improve general health and wellbeing. Located within the ARC: Health and Fitness centre on GCU’s city centre campus, Caledonian Clinic has access to state of the art gymnasium and rehabilitation equipment to fully assess each client’s needs and function and for tailoring exercise and rehabilitation programmes to each person’s requirements.

Interprofessional Simulation Centre

Our state-of-the-art Interprofessional Simulation Centre provides simulation based education for GCU allied health professions, nursing, social care and Scottish Ambulance Academy students.

Utilising the latest technologies to support health and social care practitioners with their learning and development, the learning opportunities extend from communication and non-technical skills, through fundamental assessment and examination techniques and on to advanced interprofessional scenarios.

Delivered within a non-threatening environment, away from the pressure and anxieties related to actual patient/service user contact, it enables the development of safe and confident practitioners in preparation for entering the workplace.
In addition to pre-registration education, the facilities are also utilised for post-registration qualifications, CPD and research.

Operating theatre

GCU opened a state-of-the-art simulated operating theatre to coincide with the launch of a degree course to train Operating Department Practitioners (ODPs). The lab contains a scrub sink, operating table and a range of anaesthetic and surgical equipment, some of which has been donated by medical suppliers. GCU has also taken delivery of an anaesthetic machine and a high-tech mannequin, which can be programmed by the lecturing team to challenge students in a variety of everyday scenarios and assess their performance in situations where the patient’s condition starts to deteriorate.

Human Performance laboratories

State-of-the-art human performance laboratories with capability to measure functional performance and activities of living in controlled and free-living conditions, including 3-D motion capture, ultrasound techniques, force and pressure analysis, muscle function and strength, metabolic and physical activity monitoring. Additionally, we have capacity for computer-aided design and manufacture (rapid prototyping) of novel orthotic devices.

Biological and Biomedical Sciences Analysis

Laboratory facilities offering capacity for cell and molecular biology to investigate a number of common diseases and toxic responses to drug and other xenobiotics. We have a state of the art microscopy suite and also micro-containment facilities to accommodate pathogen work.  We also hold the GCU Skin Research Tissue Bank which can be accessed for specific samples of clinical human material.  Further information about our facilities and the work can be viewed on our research page.

Psychology labs

GCU offers psychophysiology and development laboratories with digital recording facilities and observation rooms.

Food Sciences lab

World class expertise in the microbiology, safety, chemistry and structure of food at Glasgow Caledonian University is regularly called on by corporate and public sector organisations. Specialist equipment includes dedicated instrumentation which allows for the rapid detection and classification of bacteria relevant to food safety. In addition to consultancy and research work, the department provides professional courses in food safety for companies, leading to certification from the Royal Environmental Health Institute of Scotland (REHIS).

University facilities

The University’s city centre campus is amongst the most modern in the UK, with over £45 million invested in new facilities such as our health and fitness centre (Arc) and The Sir Alex Ferguson Library.

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