Nursing is a global profession and as such we are committed to offering an international experience to all our students. Whether this is through the celebration of International Nurses Day, sharing experiences with students in Bangladesh at the Grameen Caledonian College of Nursing, ensuring that our curriculum covers global issues or offering the opportunities to volunteer or study abroad.

Adding an international element to your education can enhance your career prospects in your home country, as well as opening up a host of new possibilities. Studying or working overseas gives you a wonderful opportunity to widen your personal, cultural and professional horizons all at once without extending your time at university.

In Nursing, many of our study abroad and work placement opportunities form an integral credit bearing part of your degree, allowing you to:

  • Enhance your nursing knowledge, skills and experience
  • Enhance your job opportunities by making your CV really stand out from the rest
  • Meet a wide variety of people and make an international network of friends and future professional contacts
  • Acquire invaluable life skills as well as greater independence and confidence

We have partners and exchange agreements in Spain, Norway, Cyprus and Greece, Sweden, Finland and Denmark.

Florence Network Exchange

The Florence network is an international co-operation in nursing and midwifery at higher education and university level. Its objective is to develop and increase the quality of higher education in nursing and health care by means of international co-operation.

At present it has over 60 members throughout Europe with whom exchanges can be negotiated including:

Netherlands, Greece, Belgium, Latvia, Finland, Spain, Italy, Denmark, UK, Norway, Turkey, Sweden, Portugal, Czech Republic, Germany, and Slovenia.

Non-European Exchanges

Many of our students chose to exchange with a non-European country and raise funds to do so in a variety of ways. Our students can exchange for periods of between 6 and 13 weeks. We have facilitated students going to the following countries:

Tanzania, Nepal, Dar Es Salam, Ghana, Mwanza, Canada, Australia

Erasmus Exchange

The Erasmus exchange allows students to undertake, with financial assistance, a clinical placement with one of our European partners.

At present they typically last for 12 weeks. 

Grameen Caledonian College of Nursing

Our very successful partnership at Grameen Caledonian College of Nursing provides one opportunity for our staff and students to undertake volunteering activities. Last year our nursing students formed part of a group from the wider School of Health and Life Sciences at GCU which spent three weeks with our colleagues in Bangladesh.

“It’s a great experience, both professionally and personally. I’m also interested in pursuing aid and relief work once qualified and felt it would be a good experience to see if I could adapt to different situations”

Who can apply to go?

Students from all branches of nursing on our undergraduate nursing programme can apply to go. This incorporates adult, mental health, child nursing and learning disabilities nursing. This also includes all students who enter the programme through direct entry, wider access, from the further education sector, accredited work-based learning experiences and international students.

Exchanges normally take place in semester ‘C’, year two of the programme which gives all students the time to receive and gather the required information to make an informed decision.