Genetic Modification

Approval of Project Work

Any project that requires genetic modification as part of the teaching and/or research must be approved by the GCU Genetic Modification Steering Committee (GMSC). The form relevant to your project should be downloaded, completed and emailed to the Chair of the GMSC, Prof Linda Scobie at

There will be a 5 working day turnaround on approval, followed by a confirmatory email to advise of approval and class of work. Please note that forms that are incorrectly completed will be returned.  Further information can be found in the GMSC Process document.

Once the relevant forms have been completed, please send all documentation to the GM mailbox

If you do not currently have any research project involving genetic modification then you must complete a new application and send as above.

The form you require depends on what is being modified.  Further details can be found in the Genetic Modification Guidance Document.

Risk Assessment Form G1  In vivo GMO
Risk Assessment Form G2  Bacterial GMO (other than EColi)
Risk Assessment Form G3  Ecoli GMO (for sub-cloning purposes)
Risk Assessment Form G4  Plant GMO
Risk Assessment Form G5  Virus GMO

*Please note, you may find it easier to access these documents using an alternative browser e.g. Google Chrome

If you already have a project held by the GMSC, then please complete the Genetic Modification Amendment form‌ if small changes such as a change of staff, addition of a single vector or gene are required.

If you are unsure how to class your organism, please refer to the SACGM Compendium of Guidance - Part 1. If your organism requires Class 2 then please contact Prof Linda Scobie for advice on how to proceed.