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Health and Safety

GCU is committed to protecting the health, safety and welfare of our staff and others who are affected by our activities including students, visitors and contractors.

The University also recognises the importance of staff wellbeing by promoting positive physical and mental health and wellbeing to ensure that staff can work in a safe, supportive and caring environment.

The Safety, Health and Wellbeing Policy sets out the approach of the University to the management of Safety, Health and Wellbeing and is supported by a comprehensive suite of arrangements and procedures.  Please also visit the Working Well webpage for further information.

Important message for staff

We appreciate that this is a difficult time therefore, to help support you and your wellbeing, a wide range of support resources are available for staff on the following pages and also on the Working Well - Coronavirus Wellbeing Support and Resources page.  The Working Well page contains some useful information regarding working remotely, setting up your workstation, keeping fit at home and a host of other resources to help support you over the coming months. 

Click here to look at the GCU Infographic on how to set up your home working area, including tips on getting comfortable. 

You can also check the DSE Helpful Hints and Laptop Helpful Hints‌.


Health and Safety at Glasgow Caledonian University