Dr Artur Steiner

Lecturer in Social Entrepreneurship
Artur Steiner is a Researcher at the Yunus Centre for Social Business and Health and a Lecturer at Glasgow School for Business and Society, Glasgow Caledonian University. He holds a PhD in the field of social entrepreneurship as well as Master and MA(Hons)degrees in Business, Marketing and Management studies. Currently Artur is a Module Leader for Global Social Entrepreneurship and a member of the Common Health Project team - MRC/ESRC Funded Research on the Role of Social Enterprise as a Public Health initiative.

Artur specialises in entrepreneurship and business development, with a particular interest in the social, economic and environmental impacts of entrepreneurship activities on local development. Artur also investigates characteristics and motivations of (social) entrepreneurs as agents and their impact on the wider society. In his work he has drawn on structuration theory to understand how structure and agency work together to bring about change.

Artur has participated in a number of national and international projects.