Falahati, Kazem

Kazem Falahati

Senior Lecturer
Kazem Falahati, PhD, FCMA, CGMA is the Senior Lecturer in Financial Management in Glasgow School for Business and Society. He is an accountant-cum-economist by professional training. He has been the winner of several awards from academia and industry. He is an Editorial Advisor to the Journal of Social Business, and a Visiting Professor at Ain-Shams University in Cairo Egypt. He has been Director of Studies of several successful PhD students, as well as being external examiner of many PhD candidates.

His experience outside the academia includes senior managerial positions in both the financial and non-financial industries. He has advised major multinationals and financial institutions on their strategic investments and divestments as well as their financial structure, reporting and control, offering innovative solutions to their problems, with huge beneficial impact to their stakeholders. He has contributed significantly to improvements in the financial reporting of insurers.

His main research interests are currently on foundational issues in economics, finance and accounting. He is the author of the “New Paradigms in Financial Economics: How would Keynes reconstruct economics?”, published by Routledge, where he identifies the heuristic reasons underlying the internal and external contradictions of the standard paradigm, and offers a new paradigm which removes these contradictions, and resolves many outstanding puzzles in microeconomics, finance, and macroeconomics. This book offers for the first time in the history of economic theory an integrated analytical framework of microeconomics, financial economics and macroeconomics, including the study of the roles of financial institutions, financial markets and the State. This work represents a genuine turning point in the history of economic thought, where the author offers recommendations for improving the financial management of the economy as well as firms, financial institutions and the State.

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