Our Staff


Dr Jo Buckle teaches in the areas of criminology, race, crime and society, body and society. Dr Buckle's research interests cover phenomenology, the body, health and illness, history of surgery, history of violence, narratology and historical criminology.

Senior Lecturer in Politics

Dr Davidson’s research has two main strands - the intersection of environmental political theory, state theory & political economy; & prospects for institutionalising deliberative modes of civic participation within representative institutions.

Lecturer in Criminology and Policing

My principal research interests are in gender based violence from a victim perspective and criminal justice and voluntary sector responses to the victims of gender based violence.

Sr Lecturer (Politics), Programme Leader (BA Social Sciences)

Based in the Department of Social Sciences, Media & Journalism, Dr James Smith's key research interests have centred upon the European Union, Europeanisation, multi-level governance, territorial politics, Scottish government and politics.

Professor, Sociology

Dr Tulle has over 15 years’ experience of doing research in old age, with a particular focus on understanding and theorising how older people make sense of and manage the process of bodily ageing from a cultural perspective.