Younis Kreem

PhD Student
Student of PhD in Law now. I already have degree of Master. I have gained a wide range of relevant experiences from working in government administration and the departments of law and worked as investigator and inspector in the federal police stations in my country Iraq as well as being a supervisor in police academy after 2003. I have an interest in the areas of human rights and international humanitarian law. I have attended several workshops organized by the World Organization of the Red Cross. I am also interested in politics in my country as I am an active member of one of the important parties in the country, I hope to complete my studies and go back to my country Iraq to contribute to the construction and defines of human rights.

Research Project Title:

Contract Negotiation under the Vienna Convention (1980) A Comparative Study


Dr.Mahdi Zahraa

Department & Subject Group

Department of Law, Economics, Accountancy and Risk, Glasgow School for Business and Society 

Professional Memberships & Activities

Member of Syla. Scottish young Lawyer`s Association Member of Iraqi Jurists Association Ltd

Current Research

Contract Negotiation under the Vienna Convention (198A Comparative Study)