Maureen Taylor

PhD Student
Having worked in a number of roles for the police, the Forensic Science Service and youth offending voluntary sector organisations since 1988, I completed an MSc Criminology and Criminal Justice in 2006. Since then I have taught Criminology, Criminal Investigation and Policing at Universities in the Midlands and North West England as well as at the Open University. During that period I have been involved in research and policy development around child trafficking and child sexual exploitation. I have also worked voluntarily for Circles of Support and Accountability, supporting and monitoring high risk sex offenders in the community and have served on the Independent Monitoring Board for a Young Offenders Institution. As well as being a full time PhD Research Student, I am currently a Subject Area Specialist and External Verifier for the SQA and a mum of 7 children.


Group associated child sexual exploitation: Exploring the networks


Professor Lesley McMillan and Dr Annette Robertson

Department & Subject Group

Department for Social Sciences, Media & Journalism; Violence, Crime and Justice

Specialisms & Interests

  • Child Sexual Exploitation
  • Human Trafficking
  • Gendered violence
  • Policing gendered violence
  • Police culture
  • Professional Memberships & Activities
  • Member of the National Working Group for Sexually Exploited Children and Young People
  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
  • Associate Member of the Scottish Women’s Development Forum (Police Scotland)

Previous Research

  • SCCYP (2011) Scotland: A safe place for traffickers? Edinburgh: SCCYP

Current Research

My current PhD research explores the nature of the groups and the networks of offenders and victims involved in child sexual exploitation in the UK. Using qualitative social network analysis, it aims to further our understanding of the connections, networks and social context in which child sexual exploitation is both facilitated and perpetrated. In doing so, it is hoped that this research will contribute to the evidence base on which policy and practice in this field is based.

Selected Publications

Platt, D., Taylor, M., Taylor S. & Hedges, C. (2009) Child Exploitation Intervention Strategies. The Journal of Homicide and Major Incident Investigation 5 (2), 39-55

Walsh, M., Taylor, M. & Hastings, V. (2012) Burnout and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in the Police: Educating Officers with the Stilwell TRiM Approach. Policing: A Journal of Policy and Practice 6 (4), 167-177