Paula Sonja Karlsson

PhD Student
I am a graduate of the BA (Hons) Risk Management and MSc Risk Management programmes at GCU, and I am currently undertaking a PhD in Risk. I am a Finnish national but I have lived in Scotland for a number of years now, so it seemed fitting to conduct my PhD on an international scale, taking advantage of my language skills. I also teach and supervise undergraduate students, actively co-ordinate the activities of the GSBS PhD Community Group and I am the GSBS Postgraduate Experience Representative 2014/2015.


Co-governance of risk in new partnership models for public service provision: Comparative study between Scotland, Finland and Sweden


Professor Darinka Asenova and Dr. Pekka Valkama

Department & Subject Group

Glasgow School for Business and Society, Department of Law, Economics, Accountancy and Risk

Personal website

Specialisms & Interests

  • Partnerships and Collaborations
  • Public Sector RiskSocial Risk
  • Risk Culture
  • Professional Memberships & Activities
  • The International Society for Third-Sector Research (ISTR)
  • International Research Society for Public Management (IRSPM)
  • The British Academy of Management (BAM)
  • The Public Risk Management Association (ALARM)
  • The Finnish Risk Management Association (FinnRima)
  • Finnsecurity ry

Current Research

The aim of my PhD research is to develop a comparative analysis of co-governance of risk in new partnership models for public service provision between local authorities and other service organisations, focusing on Scotland, Finland and Sweden. This international comparison will be of interest to all three countries and to the wider European context. The study will be the first of its kind in comparing risk management in innovative partnership models in the three countries and the goal is to produce policy recommendations for better public service provision.

Selected Publications

Karlsson, P.S. (2014) Charities can’t afford to risk too much. Guest blog post, Third Force News [online]. Available at:

Karlsson, P.S., Asenova, D. & Valkama, P. (2013) Review of innovative partnership models in the UK: The potential for co-governance of risk. Conference proceedings: IPF 2013 Innovation in Public Finance Conference.

Karlsson, P.S. & Anderson, D. (2012) Resilient Societies: Perceptions on the Importance of BCM in Responding to Environmental Risk, The Business Continuity and Resilience Journal, Vol. 1 (4), pp. 20-30.