Farnaz Farzin

PhD Student
Farnaz Farzin is an international PhD student in the Department of Business Management, part of the Glasgow School for Business and Society. Her main research interest is entrepreneurship education, and her PhD research will focus specifically on the impact of entrepreneurship education on the success of technology ventures in Iran, besides of looking inside what the impact of entrepreneurship is on the economy of Iran.

Prior to commencing her PhD she completed her MSc in Management (2013). The work she completed for her MSc focused on a comparison of entrepreneurship education in Iran and the UK to develop a set of guidelines and recommendations aimed at improving the delivery of entrepreneurship courses as this field of study sees increased governmental investment across Iran. Based on the quality of her MSc research, upon completion of her degree she achieved the best student project award for her course. Prior to moving to the UK for her postgraduate studies, she completed two undergraduate programmes in her home country of Iran, first in Information Technology (2006) and then in English Language Teaching (2010). She earned the TESOL degree from Islamic Azad University.

Beyond her student career, Farnaz has a wealth of previous work experience, having previously worked as a school teacher at Shokoofe-haye- Danesh, an assistant manager in Morgh-Madar ltd. and web designer at Telavang ltd.

Dissertation title:

The impact of entrepreneurship education on the success of technology ventures in Iran


Dr Julie Thomson

Dr Geoff Whittam

Department & Subject Group:

Glasgow School for Business and Society

Specialisms & Interests 

  • Technology and Innovation in Education
  • Impact of Education on New Venture Creation 
  • Entrepreneurship Education
  • Social Entrepreneurship

Professional Memberships & Activities

Associate of the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment

Current Research

Investigation on the Impact of Entrepreneurship Education on the Successes of New Venture Creation in Iran

Selected Publications

Farzin, F., Thomson, J., Dekker, R. and Whittam, G. (2013). ‘An investigation into the impact of techno-entrepreneurship education on self-employment’, paper presented at International Association for Management of Technology (IAMOT), Washington, 21-26 May 2013.