Dina Khalifa

PhD Student
I am a Full Time PhD student focusing on Luxury Brand Marketing with a background in business management and marketing. I also obtained a master’s degree in Marketing and the focus of my dissertation was on the luxury consumption in the Egyptian context. I used to work as a full time teaching assistant in Arab academy for science and technology, college of management and technology, marketing department in Egypt. I mainly taught research courses qualitative and quantitative as well as advertising, marketing and brand management courses. My main research interests are listed below.

Research Project Title:

Conflicting Behavioural responses through luxury consumption in the face of self-concept threats: the moderating role of identification with the source of threat


Prof. Paurav Shukla, Dr. Julie McColl

Department & Subject Group:

Department of Management,Fashion and Luxury, Glasgow School for Business and Society

Specialisms & Interests

  • Fashion Marketing
  • Luxury Brand Marketing
  • Social Psychology
  • Identity and Threat
  • Consumer Behaviour

Current Research

My current research tries to investigate the social psychological processes that people go through when responding to identity threats and how this can be reflected in their consumption behaviour in the context of Luxury brands.Selected Publications

“Measuring the factors affecting Egyptian consumers` intentions to purchase Global Luxury Fashion Brands” Presented in the International Conference on The Restructuring of the Global Economy, June 24-25, 2013, London, UK.