Hill-O'Connor, Clementine

Clementine Hill-O'Connor

PhD Student
Clementine joined the Yunus Centre for Social Business and Health in January 2011 as a Research Intern. During her time here she worked on two social business projects. Working alongside the Institute of Applied Health Research she helped to develop an evaluation study for the Grameen Caledonian College of Nursing (GCCN). Closer to home, she began following the progress of The Passage from India Project which is a group of women who are working around Glasgow to start self reliant groups in order to work towards starting their own social businesses. Prior to joining the centre Clementine studied for a degree in Social Anthropology with Development at Edinburgh University.

Research Project Title:

The Impact of Self-Reliant Groups on Health and Wellbeing


Dr Rachel Baker, Morag Gillespie, and Dr Neil Thin (from University of Edinburgh)

Department & Subject Group:

Yunus Centre for Social Business and Health

Specialisms & Interests

  • Social business
  • Microfinance
  • GenderWellbeing
  • Community development

Current Research

Clementine is working towards a PhD which develops the Passage from India research started as an Intern at the Yunus Centre. Using in-depth qualitative methods which draw on her anthropological background she is describing the process of establishing Self Reliant Groups (SRGs) in Scotland and exploring the experiences of the women involved. This will provide insight into the ways SRGs can impact on the health and wellbeing of members, their families and their communities.Selected Publications

The role of Self Reliant Groups (SRGs) in improving individual health and wellbeing. 4th EMES International Conference on Social Enterprise, Liege, 1st- 4th July 2013.

Donaldson, C., McHugh, N., Hill O’Connor, C., Biosca, O. and Roy, M. . 2013. Thinking outside the box: Alternative civil society approached to tackling widespread and obstinate inequalities in Scotland. IN Socially Responsive Organisations and the Challenge of Poverty. Greenleaf Publishing, Sheffield.