Christopher Greenwood

PhD Student
Chris Greenwood is a Postgraduate / Part Time / Distance Learning PhD Student examining tourism policy development in Scotland. Currently working within the Research Department at VisitScotland, current roles have responsibility for monitoring and interpreting trends in Scottish Tourism.

An MSc graduate from the University of Durham in Spatial Information Technology there is over 16 years commercial experience within data management and analytics; a broad knowledge base that has been developed and supported insight into a number of arenas from economics to the environment. Having both a scientific based academic background and commercial research experience gained over a number of industry areas has developed a multi-disciplinary approach to looking at the implications of factors such as sustainability, collaboration, consumerism and transport has on tourism policy development and industry evolution - locally and internationally.

As a representative of the National Tourist Board, I have been invited to speak at a number of industry events and conferences on subjects ranging from tourism statistical monitors to sector trends and futures; I have also authored or co-authored a number of publications on tourism topics such as exchange rates, food tourism and scenario planning

Research Project Title:

Structural development of Scottish Tourism Industry - An examination of National Tourism Planning Policy and its impact on Sector Growth Management


Professor J John Lennon

Department & Subject Group:

Department of Management, Glasgow School for Business and Society

Specialisms & Interests

  • Tourism Trends & Statistics
  • Government and Public Sector Policy
  • Visitor Economy measurement & definition
  • Scenario Planning and Risk Management
  • Sustainability

Current Research

The objectives of my research are to examine the processes which determine how national policy is developed in relationship to the tourism sector for Scotland. Additionally to consider the effect of any existing policy has impacted on the growth of the tourism sector in Scotland. The research is a continuation of a previous study published by W.R. Kerr in 2001. In summary the aims are:

What is the contemporary Scottish tourism industry?Interpret the interrelationships within the tourism industry.Define the relationship and drivers between changing demand and supply development.Qualify the socio-political influences that shape tourism.Selected Consulting ProjectsTourism Scotland 2020 - National Tourism StrategyManagement and Development of Tourism Monitors relating to the EU Commission on Statutory Measurement.Assessment of the Economic Value of the Holiday Park Sector in ScotlandEconomic Impact of the Creative Industries in ScotlandGolf Tourism Strategy

Selected Publications

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Greenwood, C. (2009) Insight 8.4; The development of tourism in Morocco and investment in transport infrastructure. In: Page, S.J. & Connell, J. Tourism, a modern synthesis. 3rd edition. Andover, Cengage Learning Business Press, pp.187

Greenwood, C. (2009) Impacts of the exchange rate on Scottish Tourism in 2009. Ambitions, 12(Spring), pp.16

Greenwood, C. (2007) How do currency exchange rates influence the price of holidays? Journal of Revenue and Pricing Management, 6(4), pp.272-274

Page, S.J., Yeoman, I. & Greenwood, C. (2009) Transport & Tourism in Scotland: A case study of Scenario Planning at VisitScotland. In: Gössling, S. et al. ed. Sustainable Tourism Futures. New York/London, Routlidge, pp58-84

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