David Black

PhD Student
David Black is a public health researcher with 30 years experience around health promotion and inequalities in health. As one of Scotland’s first Community Development health workers he developed both practice and policy for Greater Glasgow Health Board. While working for GGHB in Glasgow he and and a partner produced a number of publications and training packs eg “Unemployment and Health - Resources, Action, Discussion, Information”. David designed and curated a large number of exhibitions and events both local and national, eg GGHB’s exhibition for Glasgow’s European City of Culture year, ‘Clean Water, Green Ladies, Cod-liver Oil and Orange Juice’ was a history of 100 years of public health in Glasgow. David also researched designed and managed the GGHB input to the Glasgow Garden Festival this large scale information and activity centre was very successful.

With the Glasgow Healthy City Project he developed a series of community health conferences and events and designed and managing the publications and exhibitions for these. The Healthy City Project was coordinated by the World Health Organization and David produced publications and exhibitions for use at national and International events. During this time he also developed, designed and jointly authored a national research based action pack on poverty and health funded by the Baring and Rowntree Trusts. This study of community based poverty and health projects was very successfully used across the UK.

From 1999-2012 he ran Communicable Health, a research, design and project development partnership which worked on community and public health issues. He produced work for the Scottish Office, the World Health Organization and NHS Health Scotland as well as many local community groups and agencies.


The development of NHS health improvement services and their relationship to health inequalities in urban Scotland 1974 – 1999


Dr. Janet Greenlees

Department & Subject Group

Social Sciences

Professional Memberships & Activities

  • Honorary fellow in the Department of Community Health Sciences at Edinburgh University 1999- 2008.
  • Scottish Trustee of the Peoples Health Trust

Selecting Consulting Projects

  • Evaluation of Community Food and Health Scotland for Scottish Government
  • Public Attitudes to Physical Activity in Glasgow for GCPH (with EKOS)Overview of the Health Promoting Health Service approach for NHS Health Scotland 
(with EKOS)Mapping of networking and support activity for the community food and health sector in Scotland, for NHS Health Scotland (with EKOS)Oral History of Health Education in Scotland for NHS Health Scotland
  • ASH review of Scottish Health Boards Smoking Policies
  • Development of walk through Glasgow’s Public Health History GCPH
  • Best Value review of EQUAL Mental Health Partnership
  • Evaluation of Lanarkshire HB Youth Smoking Peer Support project.Alcohol, Young Men and Masculinity, Research Study for GGNHS Board
  • Assessment of the Scottish Health Boards PAFs re inequalities for Scottish Exec.Scoping study on the use of HEBS resources for Health Scotland
  • Case studies on two health promoting food vans for HEBS and SCDP
  • Research and design for national study on Community foodwork across Scotland for 
the SCDP ("Growing Interest" publication)Evaluation of the Glasgow -East Vandalism Forum project Strathclyde Police
  • Development work on Public Participation in NHS for Partners in Change / 
Scottish Executive
  • Research, development and production of the Glasgow Healthy City Partnership 
communication and public relations strategy.
  • Development, design and writing of the Glasgow Healthy City Partnership 
  • Development and production of guideline document on Public Involvement in the 
new primary care structures for the Scottish Office.
  • Chapter on Health Inequalities for EU/IUHPE book on Effectivness in Health 
  • Consultancy support and project design for the "Community Development and 
Primary Care Teaching Pack" for Lothian Health Board.
  • Conference report and support materials for the conference “Health Inequalities in 
the New Scotland”. Health Education Board for Scotland.
  • Community Health and the Social Economy a scoping study for CEISResearching, writing designing and producing the publication “
  • City Planning for 
Health and Sustainable Development” for WHO Copenhagen.
  • Evaluation of community health training pack. HEBS.<.li>

Conference Presentations

David has presented papers, both keynote and workshop, at a number of local, national and international conferences and seminars. These have included conferences organised by, the Health Education Board for Scotland, the United Kingdom Public Health Alliance, The World Health Organization and the EU and IUHPE.


  • 'Being All we Could Be!' an Oral History of Health Education in Scotland NHS Health Scotland.From the Cathedral to the Clyde A walk through Glasgow's history.
  • GCPHGrowing Interest: a taste of community growing in Scotland SCDP 2002.
Designed to involve: public involvement in the new primary care structures,Scottish Consumer Council/Scottish Office.
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