You will be expected to write reflectively for different reasons. You may be asked to reflect on a work placement, on participation and performance in group work or on your personal development through your programme. The complexity of the reflection will depend to an extent on your programme level.

Reflective writing shares many of the features found in an academic text – the structure, vocabulary and style of writing are more or less the same. The important difference is that YOU are the focus of your analysis. You are expected to refer to literature to explain and justify your reflection.


“Critically reflect on your own and your group’s engagement and performance in the group work.”

For this task, you need to identify criteria that are used to assess effective group work and think about how well you and your group met these criteria. You need to read textbooks about team building, team roles, leadership styles and other relevant issues and think about the questions below.

  • How well did group members work together to achieve the objective?
  • Did anyone take a leadership role?
  • Did everyone contribute?
  • What role did you play?
  • What went badly/ well?
  • What could/should you have done differently?
  • What were the challenges/problems?
  • How were they solved?
  • What did you learn about yourself and group dynamics through this task?

This handout from the University of Portsmouth provides a good introduction to reflection and useful language structures:

Reflective Writing – A Basic Introduction