We maintain a range of industry-standard facilities, ensuring our graduates have the highest levels of professional training and engaging with organisations for experimental work, testing, analysis and professional training. Organisations and industry professionals can take advantage of these unique facilities. Contact us to find out more. 

Fashion Factory

The practical fashion modules are taught in our purpose-built studio, the Fashion Factory. Equipped with contemporary, industrial machinery used for the design and production of fashion items, the Fashion Factory includes an industry-standard computer-aided design (CAD) system for fashion and textile design, pattern making and retail merchandising.

From guidance on design management to creating fashion illustrations, the university's fashion business team is equipped with the facilities and know-how to solve any problem. A Lectra CAD suite can be provided to businesses for design, pattern development and visual merchandising. In addition, a helping hand can be extended in choosing the right colours and fabrics, with shape consultation and garment simulation completing the package.

Audio/Video Studio

Our dedicated studio facilities for video and audio production offer training using up-to-date digital equipment. Industry-standard facilities including our new, purpose-built multimedia newsroom to produce television and radio news packages.

Technical facilities for Practical Journalism

Newsroom: with 20 Dell PCs with QuarkXPress 5 & Adobe In Design page production software, MS Office, Adobe Acrobat, MS Internet Explorer, Dreamweaver web creation software, Wordpress blog/WCMS, Photoshop Elements, Burli radio news editing system, PA newswire feed, Newslink feed, Sky News radio feed, 2 x Audition digital audio editing / 2 Avid digital video edit suites, Digital TV and radio monitors with playout link from adjacent TV and radio studios, DVD player, freeview box, phone books, reference directories, daily newspapers and weekly magazines; 2 Nikon digital stills cameras, 20 Canon Digital Stills cameras, 4 phones.

Radio production: Clyde Broadcast Synergy Bronze digital radio studio & hard-disk playout system, in audio soundproof studio (accommodates 4), plus control booth & Audition v2 control/edit system. 10 x Adobe Audition digital audio edit suites (2 in newsroom), one voiceover booth. 8 x Marantz PMD661 memory card reporter-recorders. 10 X HHB MDP500 Portadisc Mini Disc Reporter-Recorder kits, 10 x Sony MZR900 mini-disc recorder kits.

TV production: TV studio & gallery with 3 HD JVC cameras, green screen, autocue & graphics/titling software, play in from remote studio with Chroma Key as well as gallery play in from Avid server or tape. Full talkback for presenters and camera positions.16 x Panasonic 3 CCD Mini DV digital camcorders, 16 x Vinten Pro Tripods, 10 x Avid Media Composer digital editing suites, (2 of these installed in newsroom) and a rostrum camera. Lighting kits, rifle & boom mics, other ancillaries.

Communications & Media Laboratory

This digital mass media facility was created to support the delivery of high-quality research outputs. These are focused on key areas of contemporary popular culture, including the significantly under-researched area of radio, within a UK framework and, more crucially, on an international, trans-cultural basis.

It builds on an already established track record in research in areas such as mediated (international) sport, television serials and drama, and media representations of monarchy, and will in future include new areas such as comparative analyses of situation comedy covering the EU, North America and Australia.