Social History of Health and Health Care

Centre for the Social History of Health and Health care

The CSHHH is made up of history staff from Glasgow Caledonian University and the University of Strathclyde, supplemented by visiting researchers and post-graduate students. CSHHH activities focus on issues arising from the social history of health and healthcare in modern societies. The main aims of the centre are to:

  • Produce high-quality research on selected topics that focus on the social history of health and healthcare
  • Provide training for MSc and PhD students
  • Encourage local, national and international collaboration with appropriate academics and health care providers
  • Improve dissemination of research
  • Develop public engagement activities 

Selected Recent Funded Research Projects

Arts and Humanities Research Board: Industrial Disease in Mining

British Academy:The Politics of Miner’s Lung: A Comparative Study

Carnegie Trust: Scottish Poor Law

Economic and Social Research Council: Faith in the Factory: the Church of Scotland’s Industrial Chaplains Movement

Wellcome Trust: Death in Late 20th Century Scotland

Wellcome Trust: Health and Health Care in the Scottish Highlands 1845-1950

Wellcome Trust: Occupational Health and Industrial Medicine in Scotland 1945-1980's

Wellcome Trust: Health, Healthcare and Society: Environments, Markets, Lifestyle and Location.

Royal Historical Society: Science and the Human Subject in History

Economic History Society: Child Health and Welfare in Europe and the United States, 1890-2000