International Advisory Group

The Glasgow School for Business and Society (GSBS) Interntaional Advisory Group was inaugurated on 21 November 2013. 

Membership includes senior figures from leading private, public sector and voluntary sector organisations.


The International Advisory Group (IAG) will be a forum through which the School obtains an international and external perspective on the work of the School with respect to developments in higher education and related services with a view to advancing the 'common good' mission.


  • John Lennon, Dean, Glasgow School for Business and Society, Glasgow Caledonian University


  • Mark Darley, Group HR Manager, Enterprise Holdings
  • Jonas Haertle, UN Programme Officer and Change Angent, United Nations
  • Alan Hendry, Director of Sustainability, Jacobs
  • Mark Hogarth, Creative Director, Harris Tweed Hebrides
  • Alistair Hudson, Director, Barclays
  • Scott Johnston, Managing Director, Johnston Mailing
  • Suzanne Kincaid, Head of Technology, ANZ
  • Julie Leigh, Executive Director, Morgan Stanley
  • Richard Muir, Deputy Chief Executive, Glasgow Chamber of Commerce
  • Carolyn O'Connor, HR Manager, Ashurst
  • Betsy Reed, Sustainability Consultant, Big Sky Strategic Communications
  • Karen Shand, Global HR Operations Director, DuPont
  • Ignacia Sierra, Director General, Tendam
  • Robin Sundaram, Sustainable Supply Chain Manager, Nestle
  • George Thomson, Chief Executive, Volunteer Scotland
  • Zaiga Vilcins, Executive Director, Morgan Stanley
  • Antony Wallis, Corporate Adviser, Business in the Community
  • Brian Wilson, Chairman, Harris Tweed Hebrides