Dr Nina Teasdale

PostDoctoral Fellow
Wise Centre for Economic Justice
Gender and equality related issues are central to Nina’s research interests, with a particular focus on work, employment and organisations. A large part of her research focuses on professional and managerial employment.

Nina Teasdale's PhD thesis ‘Fragmented Sisterhood? Social Relations between Professional Women in the ‘Gendered’ Workplace’ explored the ways in which professional women related to each other as workers, paying particular attention to the implications of flexible working and ‘work-life balance’ arrangements for women’s workplace relations. Drawing on feminist theory relating to the ‘gendering’ or organisations, the research revealed that the women’s interests did not always coincide and that their social relationships involved both support and resentment.

Between 2009-2013, Nina formed part of a collaborative research team from the University of Leicester and University of Loughborough to carry out a NHS Service Delivery Organisation (SDO) project entitled ‘Mobilizing Identities: the shape and reality of middle and junior managers’ working lives’. The project adopted a range of qualitative research methods to explore the work of middle and junior (clinical and non-clinical) managers within the organisational context of NHS hospital trusts.