Research Students

The Graduate School aims to provide opportunities for you to develop your own unique set of skills and expertise, both to assist with your research project and also to provide desirable skills for employment beyond your doctorate.  While there are many Researcher Development workshops which will be relevant to you, we would also encourage you to take advantage of all opportunities for seminar participation, poster presentation, conference attendance and other academic citizenship activities. ‌Workshops are designed around the Vitae Researcher Development Framework (RDF) and each series below correspond to a specific RDF domain.

Our workshop programme is subject to change; this is not an exhaustive list but it indicates the type of workshops taking place. For more detailed information, please contact the Graduate School (

Academic Writing

First Year Doctoral Writing series (RDF domain A)

Second Year Doctoral Writing series (RDF domain A)

Final Year Doctoral Writing series (RDF domain A)

Essentials of Academic Writing for International Students (RDF domain A)

Writing Retreats (RDF domain A)

Write Time (RDF domain A)

How to Write in Plain English with Steven Vass (RDF domain A)

RDC2 Workshop - Academic writing advice for completing your RDC2 form (RDF domain C)

What’s the (Punctuation) Point? (RDF domain C)

Systematic Literature Review series (RDF domain A)

Researcher Development

Induction (RDF domains A, B, C and D)

Induction catch-up and orientation (RDF domains A, B, C and D)

Public Engagement series (RDF domain D)

Narrative Inquiry Research Interest Group (RDF domain D)

Careers Management Skills - Job Interviews (RDF domain B)

How to be an Effective Researcher (RDF domain A)

Media Training (RDF domain D)

Creating a Research Poster (RDF domain D)

Peer Review Workshop with Sense about Science

Grounded Theory (RDF domain A)

Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis Workshop (RDF domain A)

Univariate Time Series Modelling and Forecasting (RDF domain A)

Introduction to Quantitative Techniques for Research (Regression Analysis) (RDF domain A)

Ethnography (RDF domain C)

An introduction to NVivo (RDF domain A)

Advanced Readings Course “Quality in Qualitative Research” (RDF domain A)


The Careers Service is a dedicated resource for all students at GCU, including research students, with information on their page.


Vitae is a UK-wide organisation dedicated to researcher development and their website has a wealth of information for researchers.  GCU is a member of Vitae so login with your university email to have access to all the resources on the site.  

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