Online Resources for Researchers

Links below will lead you to external sites where you can find resources covering various topics that could be useful to you as a postgraduate researcher. Please note this list is subject to change depending on the availability of each resource.

The resources here are sorted according to the Vitae Researcher Development Framework (RDF) model.

RDF Domain A: Knowledge and intellectual abilities
  • University of Glasgow

Materials covering personal and professional development, released over 9 weeks (7th April - 8th June 2020) (also applies to RDF: B, C and D)

  • Data Collection via Video: A First-hand Experience

Conor O'Reilly is in the fourth year of his Doctor of Education (EdD) in University of Glasgow. See the blog here.

  • Datatree

A free online course for researchers, scientists and anyone working with data, containing all you need to know for research data management

  • Research Data Management

The Library has created a set of web pages to assist researchers in managing their data. The topics covered include data management planning, creating and managing data, sharing and storing data and arching data. There is also a set of useful resources for research data management.


RDF Domain B: Personal effectiveness
  • Sara Shinton at University of Edinburgh

40 minute "pop-up" session with advice on being productive when your circumstances are working against you

  • It's time to log off (website)

"The home of digital wellbeing".


Researcher Development at The University of Edinburgh

  • Pinch Points & Good Practice

Created by the UKCGE’s Mental Health & Wellbeing of PGRs Working Group the Pinch Points document is a timeline of challenges to candidates’ wellbeing and good-practice support initiatives (Link opens a PDF).

  • Mental Health & Wellbeing of Postgraduate Researchers— Practice Initiatives

A collection of the 24 practice initiative abstracts, selected to present at the 1st International Conference on the Mental Health & Wellbeing of Postgraduate Researchers, held in Brighton, in May 2019 (Link opens a PDF).

  • Self Help Resource

The GCU Wellbeing team has compiled a range of resources for students and staff to access online.

  • 10 Days of Happiness

10 Days of Happiness is a free 10-day online coaching program which guides you through daily actions for happier living.

  • Togetherall

#TogetherAll is an online community dedicated to sharing your feelings & experience. Sign up for FREE using your GCU email.

  • These two blog posts are written by Dr Karen Campbell who talks about the intricacies of a PhD by publication:

What is a PhD by publication?

PhD by publication: because the whole is greater than the sum of the parts

RDF Domain C: Research governance and organisation
  • UK Council for Graduate Education

Guide to Conducting Vivas Online

  • UKRIO: Research Integrity resources

This page features a selection of research integrity resources from other organisations. Topics include: academic image integrity,authorship, questionable research practices etc.

  • COVID-19 Online Research Ethics Guidance (SHLS)

This GCU document by Ben Parkinson (Lecturer of Nursing) provides a brief and accessible research ethics guidance for students/ECR on how to apply for ethical approval and work remotely during COVID-19 (Link opens a Word file).

  • The Fistral “Espresso” Range

Anyone with an interest in Project Management (PM) can view the bite-sized videos which show, within the context of research, the tools, tips and techniques for managing a project successfully.

  • Recommended Checklist for Research Communities During the COVID-19 Pandemic

This checklist seeks to help individuals and organisations performing research of any kind during a pandemic. Its focus is to anticipate issues that may affect the integrity of their research and consider in advance how those issues might be addressed, including but not limited to research on COVID-19 and related topics (Link opens a PDF).

  • Preparing for research fieldwork (Online course)

This course is for researchers undertaking independent fieldwork or research-related travel in the UK or abroad.

  • Narrative CVs for funding and job applications

The goal of the single CV format was to help researchers to share their varied contributions to research in a consistent way and across a wide range of career paths and personal circumstances, and to move away from relying on narrowly focused performance indicators that can make it harder to assess, reward or nurture the full range of contributions that a researcher or academic makes to their field or discipline.

For Supervisors
  • University of Glasgow

Supervising Remotely during the Coronavirus crisis (course by Dr Sam Oakley)

  • UK Council for Graduate Education

Effective Practices in Supervising Doctoral Candidates at a Distance

  • Supervisory Practice and the Mental Health & Wellbeing of Postgraduate Researchers— Selected References

This document collates selected references to that literature, that may be of interest to supervisors and to those responsible for research supervisor’s professional development (Link opens a PDF).

  • A Guide to Online Supervision: Guidance for Research Supervisors

The guide shares the benefits of online supervising, outlines the issues and challenges for supervisors and candidates, and suggests strategies and practices for supervisors to consider when working with candidates engaged in research at a distance.

  • A Guide for Research Supervisors in Organisations Outside Higher Education

A guide that outlines the definitions of what constitutes higher education, and provides possible solutions to supporting external supervision (Link opens a PDF).

Jisc Online Surveys

The Graduate School is offering Jisc Online Survey (JOS) as a tool to be used by postgraduate research students and staff members for research purposes. If you are interested in getting user access to JOS, please view the two documents below.