External Opportunities

The Graduate School Researcher Development Team hand-select the most relevant, exciting external opportunities from our University partners and beyond to provide inspiration to guide your development and expand your network. Please see below for the latest opportunities and events:

UEA Online Training Series for PGRs

The ‘University of East Anglia (UEA) Online Training Series’ offers research and professional skills training for postgraduate research students (PGRs) in a ‘live-taught’ online format. Training sessions are delivered via a virtual classroom.

To view the full schedule of the modules, dates, how to register and for other relevant information, please visit this link.

Career Management for Early Career Academic Researchers

On this course you will answer these questions and more, considering how to manage you career and reflecting on what you want out of a career as an early career academic researcher. Find out more about this course on the Future Learn - Career Management for Early Career Academic Researchers website.

Scottish Crucible

Scottish Crucible inspires greater creativity and innovation via collaboration and cooperation between highly accomplished and skilled individuals with diverse backgrounds and from a broad range of Scottish organisations. It offers the highest quality personal development experience for competitively-selected ‘research leaders of the future’ from academia, research institutes and business.

Vitae Online Guide: Starting your PhD

Starting a PhD can seem daunting, but taking a professional approach to your development from the start can help make the path smoother, and enable you to be a more successful researcher in the long run.

You will find some helpful advice to making a successful start in your research from Vitae 

Please note that you will need to be registered to the Vitae website with your university address to access some of this content.

Scottish Graduate School of Social Science

The Scottish Graduate School of Social Science (SGSSS) is the UK's largest facilitator of funding, training and support for doctoral students in social science. By combining the expertise of sixteen universities across Scotland, the school facilitates world-class PhD research. The school is funded jointly by the Economic and Social Research Council and the Scottish Funding Council. If you are a research student whose research involves any discipline in social sciences, follow this link to find out what kind of support and training you can get from SGSSS. For GCU contacts that can support you, please click here.

Research Innovation Scotland

Research Innovation Scotland (RIS) showcases the wide range of activities happening across the Scottish R&I landscape - alerts and educates academics, research students and businesses on opportunities for collaboration and ignites new cross-sector partnerships that drive economic and social change.

This mission is achieved through Research Pooling, which supports national collaboration allowing Scotland, as a small, ambitious and well-connected country, to match the best in the world in research and innovation. Check their interactive map on the website to see how these SFC-funded initiatives can help you.