Academic Writing Centre

The Graduate School provides a comprehensive research writing programme.  We offer a range of workshops tailored to the specific demands of academic writing at each stage of the doctoral journey or research process.  In addition, we provide opportunities for language development for international doctoral researchers for whom English is not their first language.

As well as our workshop programme, the academic writing centre provides opportunities for self-directed academic writing projects and for one-to-one consultancy.  Our Writing Retreats  create time, space and a supportive social environment for independent research and thesis writing.  Places on these full-day and half-day events can be booked through the Graduate School Eventbrite platform.  Additionally, one-to-one appointments to discuss any and all aspects of research writing and thesis composition can be made directly with Dr Grace Poulter, our Senior Lecturer in Academic Writing.  She can be contacted by email at:

 One-to-one writing development appointments, for all research students, are available throughout the period of the COVID-19 disruption.

 Throughout the year specialist workshops and additional events are provided by the academic writing centre.  These have not been disrupted by our need to work off campus, and throughout lockdown (and beyond) we will continue to offer structured Writing Retreat opportunities for PGRs and staff, we will offer one-off seminars from invited speakers and our full workshop programme will be available online, in every trimester, for home-based researchers as well as our distance and part-time doctoral researchers.  If you have any queries or questions and are a research student or member of staff currently at GCU, please feel free to contact Dr Poulter directly.


If you are a prospective student, please contact the Graduate School at: