Part-time student holidays/absences

Holiday and Absence Guidelines for Part-time and stage 2 Prof D. Students

Part-time students are expected to devote between 12-21 hours per week to their studies. Part-time students and stage 2 Professional Doctorate students should notify their Director of Studies of: any periods of illness*, annual leave or other factors (eg. work commitments) that impact on the progress of their studies.

*Medical certificates may be required if you apply for a suspension of registration due to ill health.

 Time out from your doctoral studies

Taking time out from your doctoral studies requires agreement with your Director of Studies, and then application through your School Head of Research/Postgraduate Research Tutor to the Higher Degrees Committee using the form RDC3: ‘Extension/Suspension of Registration’.

Related items for reference:

  • Guidelines for research students handbook section 3.6: maintaining contact during periods of absence
  • Guidelines for research students handbook section 9.3: guidance on suspension of registration
  • Supervisor-student electronic meeting records (6 per year for PT students)
  • Personal Development Plan (PDP) and Personal Development Review (PDR)
  • Annual report form

All of the above can be found on the Graduate School Guidelines and Logbooks webpage.