Completing Student-Supervisor Meeting Records

Guidelines on completing the student-supervisor meeting records

Full-time students are required to complete 12 meeting records per year (minimum of 1 meeting required each month); part-time students are required to complete 6 meeting records per year (1 meeting required at least every 2 months).

Following each regular meeting with supervisor(s), research students should complete the form 'Supervisory meeting record', (record template is available to download from the student Logbook section here) and email the record to all supervisors present at the meeting, using the standard email subject heading 'Meeting-Student Surname-Month-Year', eg. 'Meeting-Smith-November-2012'.

Supervisors will then check the record of the meeting, and if in agreement the Director of Studies (or nominee) will add their name and date to the form, and send the completed form to the School Research Administrator within 1 week, keeping the standard email subject heading ('Meeting-Student Surname-Month-Year'). Meeting records are stored centrally in the School files and checked on a regular basis. Keeping good meeting records ensures that PhD students and supervisors meet regularly and provide feedback on progress.