Research Student Leads

Research Student Leads

Research Student Leads have a portfolio of responsibility for the research students who are studying in their research disciplines. 

Each research student is allocated to a specific Research Student Lead according to their research discipline. Students are welcome to contact their School and their Research Student Leads for confidential advice and with any ideas for the enhancement of the School and University research student experience.

Glasgow School for Business and Society
  • Selection Underway, RSL (Social Sciences, Media, Journalism, Fashion,  Marketing, Events, Tourism),
  • Ioannis Petrakis, RSL (Finance, Accountancy, Risk, Law, Economics - FAR L&E)
  • Atiya Nur, RSL (Management and Human Resources Management – M&HRM)
  • Michael Marshall, School Research Student Lead
GCU London
School of Computing, Engineering and Built Environment

Graeme Smith, RSL (Engineering)

Anuradha Goswami, RSL (Built Environment)

Mahsa Sadeghi, RSL (Computing)

Waqas Javed, School Research Student Lead

School of Health and Life Sciences
  • Selection underway RSL (Nursing, Community Health)
  • Selection underway RSL (Vision Sciences)
  • Selection underway RSL (Biological and Biomedical Sciences)
  • Felicity Morrow, RSL (Psychology, Social Work, Allied Health Sciences)
  • Annelysse Jorgenson, School Research Student Lead
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