Postgraduate Research (PGR) Reps

Postgraduate Research Reps and Deputy Reps

Postgraduate Research Reps and Deputy Reps have a portfolio of responsibility for the research students who are studying in their research disciplines. 

Each research student is allocated to a specific Postgraduate Research Rep according to their research discipline. Students are welcome to contact their School and their Postgraduate Research Rep for confidential advice and with any ideas for the enhancement of the School and University research student experience.

Glasgow School for Business and Society

Ioannis Petrakis (Postgraduate Research Student Rep)

vacant (Postgraduate Research Student Deputy Rep)

GCU London

Kennedy Ouma Sigodo (Postgraduate Research Student Rep)

School of Computing, Engineering and Built Environment

Gabriele Janusonyte (Postgraduate Research Student Rep),

Ahmed Kutbi (Deputy PGR Rep)

School of Health and Life Sciences

Roxanna Munir (Postgraduate Research Student Rep)

Christopher Glover (Postgraduate Research Student Deputy Rep)

Student Association Leaders

Susan Docherty, Vice President (Postgraduate Students),

Scottish Graduate School of Social Sciences (SGSSS) Contacts

Dr Emmanuelle Tulle, Associate Director, Student Experience, SGSSS

Dr Angela O’Hagan, GCU Social Work and Pathway Representative for SGSSS, GSBS

Diletta Elisa Taris, SGSSS Student Representative

Neill Clark,  SGSSS Student Representative

Professor Simon Teasdale, SGSSS Director of Graduate Studies Network Representative

Ivana Covic, SGSSS Administrative Lead