With a significant proportion of the learning done in the workplace and tailored to our company, the new graduate level apprenticeships will provide us with engineers that can contribute effectively during their apprenticeship and immediately after.

Dr Billy Milligan
Lead Electrical and Control Engineer, Howden Compressors

GCU has been designing and delivering part-time, flexible, work-based programmes with a range of employers for over 10 years.  We are proud to have worked with SSE, NHS NES, Clyde Union SPX, Local Government, The Institution of Railway Operators and Police Scotland.

We understand the importance of working students applying what they learn with us at work.  This creates a great experience for the student and delivers value for you, the employer. We are investing this experience into Graduate Level Apprenticeships, ensuring that you and your employee’s needs are at the heart of what we do, creating a truly useful apprenticeship qualification for your organisation and your people.

Graduate Apprenticeships at Glasgow Caledonian University