• What is an internationalised curriculum?

What is an internationalised curriculum?

There are many different views and definitions of an internationalised curriculum. The project is based on the following definition by Professor Betty Leask, one of the most prominent researchers in the field:

“Internationalisation of the curriculum is the incorporation of an international and intercultural dimension into the content of the curriculum as well as the teaching and learning processes and support services of a program of study. An internationalised curriculum will engage students with internationally informed research and cultural and linguistic diversity. It will purposefully develop their international and intercultural perspectives as global professionals and citizens.”*

* Leask, B. (2009). ‘Using formal and informal curricula to improve interactions between home and international students’. Journal of Studies in International Education, 13(2), 205-221

The GLOBAL PERSPECTIVES Project has developed a set of ‘Principles of an Internationalised Curriculum’ which identify its features in more detail. You can download this document here: 10 Principles of an Internationalised Curriculum