• Project aims and objectives

Project aims and objectives

In its first phase, GLOBAL PERSPECTIVES aimed to explore the following questions:

  • What does ‘internationalisation of the curriculum’ mean in practice and how is it currently being implemented at GCU and elsewhere?
  • How do students and academic staff experience the impact of GCU’s internationalisation strategy on learning and teaching?
  • What are their perceptions of the benefits and challenges of developing an internationalised curriculum?
  • What are the best mechanisms for embedding an internationalised curriculum in all schools?
  • What support is required to enable academic staff to deliver it on their programmes?

Project Plan

Although the Project’s exploratory work is now finished, its results and resources continue to inform the work on internationalising the curriculum at GCU. Reports on the first phase are available on request. Please contact Fiona McBeth, Administration Manager in the Department of Academic Quality and Development Fiona.mcbeth@gcu.ac.uk for more information.

Download our Project Plan here