Global Perspectives

GlobePicWelcome to the GLOBAL PERSPECTIVES Project which is Glasgow Caledonian University’s strategic change initiative on the internationalisation of the curriculum (IoC).

Internationalisation is at the centre of the university’s vision for the future. It is our long-term aspiration to embed it across all university activities which includes our approaches to learning and teaching. All our students, home-based as well as international, will benefit from an education that prepares them for global citizenship and successful employment in today’s global labour market. Active and global citizenship is one of the University’s Common Good Attributes which all our students aspire to achieve during their studies with us.

GLOBAL PERSPECTIVES offers resources for academic staff who are charged with embedding international and intercultural aspects in the taught curriculum on all programmes.

The project title uses the term GLOBAL as shorthand for the process of developing an internationalised curriculum:

  • Growing awareness of international issues
  • Learning from other cultures
  • Observing and reflecting on cultural differences
  • Being prepared to challenge oneself
  • Avoiding cultural stereotypes
  • Listening to culturally different points of view

If you are interested in finding out more about the project, its aims and objectives or the resources it has developed, you will find the information on this site.