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Glasgow Science Festival @ GCU 2018

Now in its twelfth year, Glasgow Science Festival has grown to be one of the largest science festivals in the UK. The principal aim is to showcase the outstanding contribution Glasgow and Glasgow based researchers make to the worlds of science, technology, engineering, maths and medicine (STEMM).

We are absolutely delighted to be partnering with GCU who continue to develop and deliver a fantastic range of events as part of the Glasgow Science Festival. We have worked with GCU since the festival began in 2007 and thank you all for the incredible contribution you make to the programme, which has engaged with over 300,000 participants during that time. "
Deborah McNeill, Glasgow Science Festival Director

Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) is pleased once again to have an exciting programme of events for schools, teachers and public audiences during the Science Festival. These span health and life sciences, renewable energy, games design and sustainable fashion. Find out more by clicking on the events below.

Future Memories: Glasgow re-imagines dementia
Glasgow Women's Library (Bridgeton), 5.30pm

Join Glasgow’s Dementia scientists to learn to grow nerve cells, test memory in flies, measure genes and build brain maps.  Recognise dementia with a ‘Virtual Memory Tour’, create your ‘Playlist for Life’ and share ideas on a dementia-free future.


Consumer Trends: Gender Neutral and Sustainable Fashion
CASS Art Store, 63 – 67 Queen Street, G1 3EN, 3pm

International Fashion Business BA Hons students will test their gender neutral designs on the general public. Together with professional stylists, students will work together with volunteers to style and photograph their designs on real people. This will all be presented in an interactive digital format on social media for further discussion.


Food for Thought: Community Meal - the science behind food & GCU archives
The Courtyard, Queens Cross Housing Association, Possilpark

A celebration of Glasgow's contribution to the world of Domestic Science and modern day nutrition.  Come and enjoy a free, healthy meal in a social setting with family, friends and members of the community while learning about the science of nutrition and the history of dietetics.


My Favourite Drug (adult programme)

What is the most important drug? In this interactive public lecture, experts from the four universities in Glasgow present the case for their own favourite drug. Which of the Doomsday scenarios is most plausible without this drug, most likely and most terrifying? You decide.


"Visualising two of Glasgow's Marys: how women have shaped and are shaping the political and scientific life of Glasgow".
Deeprose lecture theatre (A005), Govan Mbeki building, GCU

The presentations will combine the historical stories of Mary Barbour (1875-1958), told through Sharon Thomas’s art, noting the unveiling of the new monument in Govan; and Mary Andross, based on GCU archive material; as well as providing some context to present day Glasgow and the future, based on current research.


GCU Meet the Researcher
The Barn, Gorbals

At this event we will have examples of funds to support joint working, fun science activities to launch our community science day and refreshments & cakes from Soul Sisters Food



Community Science Day (Part of GCU's Research Celebrations 2018)
The Barn, Gorbals

What difference could you make to the world of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths in the future?  All members of the community are welcome to drop into this free event with fun science activities and a BBQ (Halal, Vegan & Chicken kebabs & insect burgers!)



Flash Mob, 17th June at 4pm

GCU’s Yunus Centre for Social Business and Health is organising a 'secret' event to promote the issues of solidarity towards migrants, refugees and asylum-seekers and we would like to invite GCU staff and students to be part of this event. Please email Francesca.Calo@gcu.ac.uk if you'd like to participate or you have any questions.


Hand Hygiene & Antibiotic Resistance
Kelvingrove Art Gallery - GSF Family Day

How can we safeguard the future of antibiotics? Find out about the problem of antibiotic resistance and, through the creation of a piece of art, tell us how you think we can fight the problem together.


Visible and invisible pollutants in waters interactive stand
Kelvingrove Art Gallery - GSF Family Day

Clear water does not guarantee safe water, as it may contain invisible pollutants. Discover the visible and invisible pollutants in water and learn how they can be removed using cutting-edge microalgae systems.


Thin Layer Chromatography Lab & Careers in Chemistry (part of GCU Labs on Campus)
Meet at Bookshop (George Moore Labs)

 If we want to find out which drugs are in the water, all we need is some TLC! In this experiment, you will try to identify an u_n_k_n_o_w_n_ _s_u_b_s_t_a_n_c_e_ _using T_h_i_n_ _L_a_y_e_r_ _C_h_r_o_m_a_t_o_g_r_a_p_h_y_ _(T_L_C_). You will do an experiment to analyse the mystery substance and three known substances - Paracetamol, Aspirin and Caffeine – we call these s_t_a_n_d_a_r_d_s_ _– _and compare the results.


Vision Matters (part of GCU Labs on Campus)
Vision Centre, Glasgow Caledonian University

A series of interactive workshops with eye health experts, including:  how to measure vision, how to view and photograph the inside of the eye, optical illusions and why they happen, how numbers become spectacles.


The Human Body in Action (part of GCU Labs on Campus)
Meet at Bookshop (Charles Oakley Labs)

Pull a body apart and assemble it again; compare a human skeleton with the skeletons of animals; investigate how your own lungs, heart and muscles work. This workshop will take you on a journey of discovery through the human body.


Renewable Energy Physics
Meet at Bookshop (George Moore)

Join us for an interactive workshop where S1 & S2 pupils can learn about renewable energy and learn how to measure energy generation using scientific equipment.



GSF's monumental project featuring Mary Andross pioneer of dietetics at one of GCU's founding institutions along with many other forgotten women in STEMM that made an impact in Scotland.


View the full programme of events at the Glasgow Science Festival 2018


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