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Glasgow Science Festival @ GCU 2019

Now in its thirteenth year, Glasgow Science Festival has grown to be one of the largest science festivals in the UK. The principal aim is to showcase the outstanding contribution Glasgow and Glasgow based researchers make to the worlds of Science, Technology, Arts, Mathematics and Social Science (STEAMS).

We are absolutely delighted to be partnering with GCU who continue to develop and deliver a fantastic range of events as part of the Glasgow Science Festival. We have worked with GCU since the festival began in 2007 and thank you all for the incredible contribution you make to the programme, which has engaged with over 300,000 participants during that time. "
Deborah McNeill, Glasgow Science Festival Director

Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) is pleased once again to have an exciting programme of events for for schools, families and public audiences during the Science Festival.  These span health and life sciences, computing, engineering and more. Find out about the these by clicking on the events below.

Citizen Science Day Launch
Cadder Community Centre; 1-3pm

We are delighted that Mr Bob Doris, MSP is coming to launch the event and we will be joined by some pupils from Cadder Primary school. You will also have a chance to meet the researchers and explore possible links for future collaboration.


GCU Citizen Science Day
Cadder Community Centre; noon-3pm

Free fun community event with fun citizen science learning experiences around innovation and technology.  A chance for participants to question and share their thoughts and be inspired about courses and careers in STEAM and networking between researchers and the public and community organisations.


Renewable Energy Physics
GCU, George Moore Building, 10am-12(noon)

For the fourth year running, join us for an interactive workshop where students can learn about renewable energy and learn how to measure energy generation using scientific equipment.


Vision Matters
GCU, Govan Mbeki Health Building; 10am-12(noon)

Open your eyes to the world of vision sciences. A chance to learn what the eyes can tell us about the whole body and how those with serious eye conditions manage in day to day life.


My Favourite Guinea Pig
DRAM!, Woodlands Rd, 7-9pm

In this interactive lecture, experts from four universities make the case for their own favourite experimental guinea pig. Which will be yours?


Human Gait Analysis
GCU, Govan Mbeki Health Building; 10am-12(noon) & 1-3pm

From filmmaking to injury and disease identification. Explore how 3D motion analysis can be used for assessing human movement and identifying injury and disease.


The Human Body in Action
GCU, Charles Oakley Building

Pull a body apart and assemble it again; compare a human skeleton with the skeletons of animals; and investigate how your own lungs, heart and muscles work. This workshop will take you on a journey of discovery through the human body.


Virtual Reality Driving Simulator
GCU, Charles Oakley Building; 10am-12(noon)

Drive a real car in a virtual Scottish motorway and other tracks! Avoid collisions and understand the impact of traffic and speed in adverse weather conditions and take part in a game design workshop


Quick off the Mark!
GCU, George Moore Building; 9.30-11.30am & 12.00-2.00pm

Join us to create a quick reaction game! Using electronic components connected to a Raspberry Pi, Scratch will be used to detect button presses, developing it into a simple reaction game.



Thin Layer Chromatography Lab & Careers in Chemistry
GCU, George Moore Building; 10am-12(noon) & 1-3pm

Find out which drugs are in the water! Conduct an experiment to identify a mystery substance using Thin Layer Chromatography. Followed by an introduction to careers in Chemistry and a tour of Glasgow Caledonian University's campus.


Glasgow Steams Ahead at Kelvingrove: Sustainable Communities
Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum; 1.30-4.30pm & noon-3pm

Sustainable communities - Water and energy applications. Many communities face two challenges: access to clean and safe water and access to clean and safe energy. Join researchers from Glasgow Caledonian University to learn about water pollution and renewable energy by getting hands on!


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