University Research Committee

Terms of Reference

1. To advise Senate on research governance, development, policy and strategy in line with the University’s mission, vision, principles and strategic goals towards 2020.

2. Taking account of regional, national and international research needs, policies and regulations, to advise University Executive Board with respect to: criteria for the assessment of research performance; assessment of new research initiatives in the University and support required for research.

3. To develop policies and lead initiatives in the University that will nurture and develop the research skills of existing staff and support an inclusive, collaborative and outward looking research culture.

4. To advise on and support the research community in establishing partnerships in areas of innovation and community engagement.

5. To advise on research strategy and monitor research performance with respect to strategy as well as requirements with respect to research ethics and research integrity and of external assessments of research quality, researcher development opportunities and the research environment.

6. To oversee research degrees policies, mechanisms for ongoing postgraduate research supervisor training and development and the postgraduate research environment through delegated authority to Research Degrees Committee.

7. To receive regular reports from School Research Committees, Research Centres and Research Degrees Committee.

8. To submit to Senate an annually-updated report for research. 

Composition and Membership


Subcommittees of the University Research Committee

Research Degrees Committee

Research Ethics and Integrity Subcommittee